1. If in case student decides to cancel their order before Wiki Assignments assigns an expert to commence work on the assignment, students can book other assignment of the same value, without any additional charge. However, if expert has already been assigned then the order cannot be cancelled or altered as The expert who starts with the assignment are entitled to receive the compensation in advance. Any Alteration would not be considered if not informed in 24 hours. Not applicable on Urgent orders. 


2. We always ensure to assign the most suitable expert to work on your assignment; however due to unforeseen circumstances or expert unavailability due to prior commitments or any reason whatsoever, the expert may not be available. In case of this eventuality, Wiki Assignments will do your next assignment of the same value FREE OF COST.


3. Students must ensure that all required details regarding the assignment are shared with Wiki Assignments Team while the order is being placed. This includes the following


3.1. There are cases wherein the current assignment is basis previous assignment submission. In this case student must provide the Task file and solution file of the previous assignment to Wiki Assignments at the time of booking the order. 


3.2. All Task files, learning material, special instructions should be conveyed to  Wiki Assignments team on the same email thread on which the order is booked. 


3.3. Wiki Assignments won’t be responsible for clients performance if the above points are not adhered. We will follow up and ask for details however if the client fails to provide above information in that case Wiki Assignments won’t have any responsibility whatsoever and no refund or revision would be entertained.


4. We value our association and student confidence on us. Our Wiki Assignments unique 100 percent satisfaction policy ensures that we will keep reworking on the assignment changes till the student is confident about the job done. However, the same should be raised and finshed within one month (31 days). Wiki Assignments wouldn’t entertain any claims whatsoever post 31 days and wont be doing any refund.


5. Wiki Assignments always ensures that student receives quality work and your academic future is secure. We are committed to ensure no student gets ‘fail’ grade in their assignment; in case if it does we shall adjust that amount in your next assignment order with us. However, the authentic proof of failure needs to be provided within one month (31 days) after assignment completion. Any request after this time period will not be entertained. The reason for not refunding any amount is that the writers take payment from us in advance, so it’s not possible for us to get the payment back from the writer. However, to ensure the quality of the assignment, we will fire that writer from our company. This policy is not applicable on Urgent deadline Orders (Delivery in 72 Hours will be considered urgent)  as the scope of revision or changes is not there.


6. Wiki Assignments follows a strict No Cash Refund policy. Why refund for claims that has no credibility? if your claim is genuine (according to the above points) then we will do free assignment of the same value rather refunding the money.

Please note: If your claim does not fall under the above given categories then it will not be considered as valid and there will be no refund. Urgent Delivery orders will have no refund whatsoever.

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